• D. Santiago Maroño Otero: President
  • D. Fermín García Aguilera: General Secretary
  • D. Seo Jong Chan:  General Director
  • D. Abilio Granero Freire: Vice-President, Arbitration Area
  • D. Miguel Ángel Herranz: Vice-President of the Competition
  • D. Julio San Martín: Organization Area
  • D. Antonio Gomez Bancalero: Web- Master
  • Dña. Begoña Meneses:  Administrative Staff  (Receipt of Registration)
  • D. Antonio Gomez Bancalero: Institutional Relations (English speaking countries)
  • D. Ali El Hani: Institutional Relations (Middle East Countries)
  • D. Seo Jong Chan: General Manager of the Open (Asian Countries)
  • D. Joaquín Casares: Institutional Relations (Francophone Countries)



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